Never Apologize

Never get too comfortable…

Kristiana Turner, a tatted-up, gun-toting, former hacker-for-hire, leads a much more subdued life these days as a single mother and law-abiding citizen. One day, while babysitting her daughter’s friend, Evelynn, Kristi discovers a dark, stomach-twisting secret: the little girl is being sexually abused at home. Springing into action, she kidnaps Evie then devises a plan to get her new family of three safely out of dodge.

Never, ever, ever look back…

Leaving everything behind, Kristiana flees across the country to a remote town in Colorado called, Escape. With an intimate population of seven hundred and three, the town residents welcome her and the girls with open arms. Embracing her new home, she gets a job and even begins dating the sexy town lawyer. But sometimes not even new identities and a new life can help a person escape the past.

Never apologize…

Kristi begins receiving anonymous notes addressing her by her real name, which can only mean one thing: Someone. Knows. Everything. To unmask the person behind the taunting notes, Kristi becomes a participant in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, where only the smartest will win. But her opponent shouldn’t underestimate a mother’s love. The things she is prepared to do, the lengths to which she is prepared to go to protect her girls and their new life are ones she will never apologize for.

A mother’s love can be deadly.

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